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Planning + Development.

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Who We Are

Orderly Essentials is an interdisciplinary strategic operations firm,

specializing in administration, operations and management consultancy.


​We support leaders and teams in private and public sector agencies to

dissect vision, refine mission and simplify strategy.


We've been called the occasional disruption;

but mostly folks call us effective, innovative and transformative.

Minding Business

"We're a small company that makes a big impact."

With a knack for administration, operations, management, business and program development, we bring a interdisciplinary advantage to each client we serve.

We have been privileged to work with a variety of organizations and businesses to streamline their operations, advance their programming and realign their business model.

Looking forward to serving you!

Nikki Knight

Lead Strategist

We are your team.

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Business Team

Don't get stuck on the next step. Team up with us to sort through the fog and set a clear path forward.

What We Offer

Administration and Management

Strategic Planning and Program Development

Strategic Operations Consulting

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Grant Sourcing and Writing

Back Office Operations Consulting

Special Projects: Development and Construction

Organizational Development

LLC and Non-Profit Formation

Presentations, Workshops and Events

Are you our next client?

We work with people and teams who desire to make strides in their industry.


Agencies that seek to serve people and do good.


Public agencies

Local Government Corporations

Small Business

Entrepreneurs or small scale agencies

Social Impact Corporations

Doing good. Making money.

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Change the narrative of big business by making big investments in communities.



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Mailing Address:

2014 Emancipation Avenue

Houston, TX 77003


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